Moment Art

Moment Art, Wincenty Dunikowski-Duniko

Changes, variations, and the course of processes – these are the phenomena he encompasses, using various means of artistic expression; analyses, using strikingly simple means and presents visually. In this way he achieves startling effects, conveying his uncommon visual experiences and attitudes. In a very particular way it is the dimension of time which fascinates Duniko; and this in no merely physical sense, but as the principle of all life, as a puzzle, at the heart of which lies the contrast between the physical incomprehensibility of time on the one hand, and its effects on the other, effects which reveal themselves in the ephemerality of all beings and all objects. The fact that time works, and how it works, is manifest in the traces it leaves behind.

His works, which since 1976 have been created under the title “Moment Art”, visualize these searches in the most obvious way. He selects ordinary phenomena, entirely physical processes, such as the gurgling of liquids, floating chips of wood, the condensation of breath on glass. The choice of a process, the observation of its course, and the drawn, photographed, or plastic documentation of it become equally important phases of the work, culminating for the viewer only in the documentary effect, which is a sculpture, a sketch, or a photograph: a liquid, dripping onto plastic, flowing out over the edge of the vessel; a sequence of photographs of the artist’s breath, condensed and concealing or revealing the artist’s face as he blows on the glass; a drawing captured as a model in a shallow tub of water. These captured moments, these arrested fragments of time – the capturing of that which is in fact impossible to capture, which is to say, the deceptive game with traditional observation, provoking one to have it out with time, experienced as something obvious. Irritation and visual shock arouse a heightened susceptibility to a disquietingly different possible reality: for example, to the fact that even something which is traceless leaves a trace.

(Konrad Scheurmann, fragment of the text from the catalogue
W. Dunikowski-Duniko Retrospektive, Bunkier Sztuki, Kraków, 1995)

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